Feb 23, 2009

New Addition to the Guide.

This new restaurant in Sawyer is a great addition to a great independent restaurant area along the shoreline. Fitzgerald's in downtown Sawyer is modeled after "Public Houses" or "pubs" as we know them from the British Isles. This one even has a feeling of a "speak easy" since you enter thru curtains. Great atmosphere with a nice menu. For lunch you can get the daily "pub roast" which varies in selection choices of beef, pork or turkey. They always have french onion soup. Also, try the fish & chips or the shepherd's pie. For dessert try the sticky toffee pudding. Great selection of Michigan microbrew beers and Michigan wines among others. Most are available by the glass. The knowledgeable bartender Carry can help with pairings if needed. For dinner you can still have the fish & chips and shepherd's pie or try the roasted chicken, country cassoulet (french) or cherry pork madeira. They make a strong effort to use local ingredients as much as possible. Many from local farmer's markets. Same desserts as well as some special things baked up by the inhouse baker (Carry again). I had warm from the oven apple turnovers the day I was there. They also have special events and live jazz music on Thursday evenings. Don't miss this one.

Feb 16, 2009

New Addition to the guide. I finally tried this place.

I finally tried this place after several people highly recommended it. Chinn-Chinn in Mattawan may be the best Asian restaurant I have experienced. I really like lettuce wraps, theirs are very good. My favorite chinese meal is Kung Pao Beef. They give you a choice for heat from 1-10. Their food is fantastic! My wife had the My Little Hibachi chicken which was flame broiled with pineapple soy glaze which she really liked. For dessert we had the homemade chocolate won tons. The place is small and you can expect to wait for a table, but it is worth the wait! If you like P. F. Chang's this is better. I would consider this a destination place worth the drive from anywhere in southwest Michigan. This restaurant is owned by the former Peking Palace people, but I think this is far better. Check the guide for details and hours.

Feb 2, 2009

New "made from scratch" place added in Plainwell

I like places where everything is made from scratch! If you feel the same way, you have to try Nancy's Kitchen Kafe in Plainwell next to Plainwell Ice Cream. Nancy started with catering and box lunches, however this last spring opened up a restaurant in the back. Small but nice. The prices are more than fair and the food is great! I had the the Cran-Turk Cheese for $6.75. This was a whole wheat wrap with real roasted turkey, cream cheese and some amazing cranberry chutney that Nancy found and will eventually run out of till next year. One of the best sandwiches I have had! I also warmed up with her Chicken Gumbo soup which was very good. She has a different homemade soup every day. Dinner specials are ever changing as well. For January it was Chicken and Dumplings every Thursday! This place also serves breakfast on Saturdays. Check the guide for more details, such as hours and web address.