May 22, 2011

Yes to Family Style!

I have avoided this place because I made a bad assumption that it was just another bad diner. After all it is a converted Big Boy. I was wrong. I tried the Oasis Family Restaurant in Three Rivers due to comments on the internet that said it was a good place. When you first walk in you notice how nicely decorated it is with well dressed employees. Very professional and comfortable atmosphere. Our service was excellent and we were very impressed with the large menu. We tried lemon chicken and barbeque chicken with sides of sweet potatos that were fresh cut. The salads were very good and so was the rice pudding that came with the meal! Very impressed and looking forward to going back for more. Our next visit I tried the pasta which was very good and I paid the $2 upcharge to get one of their amazing cakes for dessert. This is the place to go for desserts! Lots of choices and great quality. This place has an excellent build your own burger menu along with many other sandwiches and is known for having excellent breakfast offerings. I was surprised and pleased with such a nice family style dining place that reminds me of some favorites in the Detroit area.

May 16, 2011

New place in Mattawan

This place is a sister restaurant to the Portage location. The East Egg in Mattawan is very nice with good food and all items priced under $7. The benedicts are excellent including one not offered in Portage served with prime rib. Homemade corned beef hash is topnotch. Best coffee around since they serve Waterstreet coffee. Nice atmosphere and service. Bacon is thick and high quality along with bakery quality breads for toast. Good sausage which is ground fresh daily as is their hamburger. Burgers are good for lunch as well as the wraps. These people know how to run a restaurant and give good value with quality products. Check out the guide for more details.

May 2, 2011

Great Pizza in Battle Creek

This place in Battle Creek has been a landmark for 50 years. Great thin crust pizza and pop are all you will find at Volcano Pizza, however that is enough. The toppings including the cheese are traditional but excellent quality. The crust really stood out to me because it was light and crispy. They serve their round pizza cut into long strips. The inside seating is comfortable and clean although a little plain. Great pride in product has carried this place for all these years making it one of the oldest in Battle Creek. Check out the guide for more details.