Mar 24, 2016

I finally tried a taco place I had heard was very good. The original location opened in 2010 and now they recently bought the former Mexicali space for a second location, allowing them to serve alcohol. Taqueria San Francisco in Battle Creek is a treasure with excellent tacos and to my surprise what looked like a small mostly carryout place was a sit down restaurant with a nice dining area. The menu was large with all your favorites. The chips and salsa starter was with the flaky multilayered chips I like best and a thick fresh tasting salsa. They have horchata, but no alcohol at this location. I had both soft shell and hard shell tacos which were both some of the best I have had. They have all the special stuff like menudo and lengua. They open early and have several breakfast options like huevos con chorizo or rancheros. They have a chalkboard special every day as well as daily lunch specials. I want to go back until I try most everything! Nice people, great food and great prices. Check out the guide for more details.