Jun 1, 2011

Can you get fresher Mexican Food?

This place is first a fresh fruit market with their own farm where you can pick your own stuff. Arellano's Fresh Fruit Market & Mexican Restaurant just on the south edge of Covert is a special place. They have all your favorite Mexican dishes and some harder to find things like Mole. Their Chile Rellenos are fantastic! I also tried a Chorizo taco and a Lomo?? Both were very good. Yes they have Menudo on the weekends. They even have Red Fish and Tilapia. I had their Horchata to drink which was very good. If you want to be brave try the Lengua(tongue), the Tripas(tripe) or the Cabeza(head). Very good Guacamole and a family recipe Char Broiled Chicken. You will have to ask what Lomo is because I forgot to ask when I was there. Do yourself a favor and stop here for an excellent, fresh meal. Be sure to do a little market shopping while visiting. Check the guide for more details.