Aug 26, 2012

West Lake Drive In has reopened!!

Since 1962. This place has been a landmark in Portage and even opened one year before Portage was a city. Now with only its second owner in its history, the Neeb family has reopened one of my favorite spots. Many people love the West Lake Drive In and the good news is the Neebs are going to keep it open until the end of October. Gravel parking lot and beautiful view of West Lake make this setting one of a kind. The food is the other draw. I really like the burgers including the olive burger. The fries are good and so are the onion rings. I also really like the perch sandwich while my wife loves the grilled cheese. I always get a milk shake although they do have very good root beer. I hope this place stays unchanged including the carhop service. Since the Neebs grew up on the lake they know what makes this place special. Good luck to them and thanks.

Aug 9, 2012

New to Portage!

New location of a Kalamazoo campus area landmark. Portage welcomes The Big Burrito to the Moorsbridge shopping center. A little different atmosphere with no alcohol, however the food is just as good! I like the chorizo and egg burrito with their hottest sauce served in a squeeze bottle. My wife likes the veggie with rice, cheese and guacamole. The salsa is fresh made and all burritos are made to order, including the three foot long "don't even think about it" classic. Order at the counter then they will bring everything to you. Nice atmosphere with good service. Check out the guide for more details.