Sep 23, 2010

Burger and a car wash?

This place in Mattawan seems out of place until you go in and see a nice burger joint and sandwich shop. Chamois Burgers serves fresh burger never frozen, grilled on a nice char grill and served on a fresh bun. Simplicity and quality make a good burger in my world. Indoor seating, ice cream and subs come with the package. Not to mention their chicago dog! Good fries with skin on. For those of you who do not already know, a chamois is a porous leather used to dry a car after washing. It is pronounced "shammy". I only add this as so many have ordered the "cham oyz" burger that it is getting funny. Check the guide for more details and if you spill any food on your car you are in the right place!

Sep 20, 2010

Three Rivers-New in 2009

This place used to be a chinese restaurant and now is Mexican. You would never know it had been anything else. The owners of El Camino Real Mexican Restaurant have done a very nice job with atmosphere, service and food. They have a full bar and full service menu. This is a family owned and run authentic Mexican place. This family takes great pride in all aspects of their restaurant. I really like their chili relleno, tamale and chili verde that I tried over a couple of visits. Big menu with all your favorites. Bring the whole family and stay for dessert. Try the banana chimichanga. This is on the main drag right off U.S. 131. Check out the guide for more details.

Sep 16, 2010

New Winery in Mattawan

New in 2010. Third generation grape grower and hobby wine maker has taken hobby to a new level and opened the area's newest winery. Cody Kresta Vineyard and Winery will sell their 8 wines only at the tasting room at the winery. Get there before the end of October because they will close from November till April. Cody is the name of their late golden retriever and Kresta means "crest" or "hilltop" in Croatian which is the owners heritage. They make a chardonnay and a bourdeaux style blueberry wine. Check out the guide for more details.

Sep 12, 2010

New addition in Fennville

I have heard many good things about this Fennville eatery and finally tried Salt of the Earth after picking apples at Crane's Orchards. It is everything I have heard. They bake their own breads and pastries. They source their products locally. From meats, produce and fruits to local cheeses and gelato. Most everything is made in house or from local providers in the area. They have buttermilk bleu cheese, pecorino romano, aged white cheddar, chevre, feta, provolone, fresh mozzarella and other goat cheese all from local Michigan producers! Most rave about the brussel sprouts, pork belly and pierogie appetizers. The grilled cheese is very special. Try the grilled hangar steak, char grilled ribeye, braised pork shoulder or wood oven bone-in salmon. Speaking of wood ovens be sure to try the wood fired gourmet pizzas. Yes they have pastas and chicken dishes as well. Good salads and soups. Fenn Valley Wines (Fennville). Don't miss Palazzolo's(Fennville) gelatos for dessert. The coffee shop cafe and bakery open at 7am. Try the cinnamon roll! My wife and I split 1/2 piece and took the other 1/2 home. Brunch on weekends with fresh squeezed juices. Full bar. This is a great restaurant and worth the drive! Check the guide for details.

Sep 3, 2010

Try a place near the lakes

Michigan has so many lakes that I had to pick just one area to blog about for Labor Day weekend. Try the excellent breakfast at The Wright Place in Sister Lakes. With 10 lakes in the area, I thought this might get you to take a drive. They are known for european style pancakes that hang over your plate. I liked the pumpkin pancake with creme anglaise sauce, secret spices and walnuts, topped with whipped creme. You may prefer the "murtle turtle" which is covered in pecans, caramel sauce, chocolate, more pecans and whipped creme. Also known for omelets, skillets, waffles(similar to the pancake offerings) and fresh baked items. Check out the area's cider mills, golf courses and lake activities. Check the guide for more details.