Nov 6, 2010

Nice place on Green Lake

This place on Green Lake actually has a Caledonia address. Sitting across the lake with a nice view is Maria's Pizza and Italian Restaurant. The pizza is very good either hand tossed or thick crust. Some special pizzas like Hawaiian with coconut or BBQ chicken. Nice pasta dishes as well. We had the manicotti which were hand filled and covered with their delicious, sweet housemade sauce. The lasagna is all housemade as well, along with all their sauces. The sausage is also housemade and mom makes the meatballs. Try the meatball sub or any of their 17 subs. Kids menu is available. Other offerings include American food like fried chicken, hamburgers or fish. They even offer some Mexican items with housemade burrito sauce. Salads and soups include BBQ chicken or taco salad and minestrone, clam chowder or chili soups. Desserts include cannoli, tiramisu or ice cream. No alcohol. Nice simple place with a great location and very good food! Check out the guide for more details and a map.