Jan 31, 2010

New addition near Indian Lake

If you wander around the Sister Lakes area and down to the North end of Indian Lake you should check out the Timberline Inn. This place has been serving people from Chicago, Indiana and Southwest Michigan since 1939. A classic fine dining restaurant with great food and atmosphere. Known for prime rib and steaks, they also have a large seafood selection. The fried chicken is very good and they offer a couple of housemade desserts. Check out the "gourmet table". Look in the guide for more details and a longer review.

Jan 25, 2010

First Listing in Jackson!

How about a great little family run italian joint with homemade sauces, full bar and cozy atmosphere. I hope you get to try Giglio's Italian Restaurant on the south east part of town. Pasta served al'dente and sauce that is not too sweet. Pizza served after 5pm in the "eastern pennsylvania" style...thick and crispy. Salads, soups, sandwiches and desserts give this place all thumbs up. Check out the guide for more details like hours, website and a longer review.

Jan 18, 2010

Small town pizza since 1935!

Since 1935. That itself is a testament to the consistent quality and service offered by the family and crew of Cascarelli's Pizza and Pub in Homer. Homer is at M99 and M60. This famous pizza place has been named among the best in the state and worth the drive. They have a great assortment of toppings like asparagus tips or even meatballs. The building is very old and located downtown with great atmosphere. Large craft beer selection and two menus. One for the less busy weekdays and one for their busy weekend crowds. Decent wine list and full bar to go with a great thin crust pizza! Check out the guide for more details.

Jan 9, 2010

Happy 50th anniversary!

This place is a well known landmark in Kalamazoo. Bimbo's Pizza since 1959! I really like the renovations and the old feeling of this building. Plenty of seating, great atmosphere and great pizza. Be sure to go and help them celebrate their 50th. Very few places around reach this 50 year mark, so I want to recognize this and share their accomplishment with you all! Check the guide for more details.