Feb 27, 2012

Second location deserves second writeup

New in 2011. This "Yooper" joint will bring back memories of the North country. The new second location of U.P. North Sandwich & Pasty Co. in Richland brings U.P. homemade food to us in the lower part of Michigan. This place has the same offerings found in the first place in Allegan like a great homemade pasty and the Cudighi italian sausage patty sandwich. If you don't like rudabagas, they have lots of hot and cold sandwiches including their dirty reuben, pecan chicken salad croissant along with italian or roast beef subs. Hot ones like torpedo, chipotle chicken or chicken cordon bleu. Fresh homemade soups everyday and a nice salad selection including southwest chicken, italian and greek. Don't miss the homemade desserts like cheesecake, cream puffs and homemade fudge. They also sell a famous "yooper" candy brand called Saykllys. Look in the guide for more details.