Oct 30, 2009

New place added in Allen

Step back in time to a place that feels like going to grandma's for dinner. The Outpost Grille in Allen is old country style with mismatched furniture and antiques everywhere. That makes sense since it is in the center of Michigan's "antique capitol". If you like antiques, you will love it here and if you don't care about them try this restaurant anyway. Home cooking with a nice menu of comfort foods for the whole family. You may not see your grandma here, but you will see someone's grandma. Mostly lunch type offerings like sandwiches, burgers and soups along with ice cream, shakes and desserts. They are only open during the day, so don't go at dinner time. Great place for Sunday dinner buffet. Check the guide for hours and other details.

Oct 25, 2009

New place added in Harbert

This place is a rare treat for Southwest Michigan. We have an upscale Middle Eastern dining spot called Cafe' Gulistan which means "the land of the Roses". With a Kurdish cuisine, this place has some unique offerings and is the only place in the area serving beers and wines from the Mideast. It is the only place in Michigan carrying Turkish wines! The atmosphere is cozy and exotic at the same time. In the summer months you can enjoy outdoor seating in their very nice garden area. They have nightly specials and prices range from $10-$30. The Hummus has a nice twist with olives on top. I liked the Antepli Yahnisi served with basmati rice. Nice lamb, chicken and shrimp dishes. The baklava for dessert is made in their kitchen. Check out the guide for details.

Oct 13, 2009

New place added in Coloma

You will think I am kidding when I tell you about the great broasted chicken at the Hot Spot Cafe in Coloma. What is so surprising is not just how good it is, but their amazing Sunday special. A friendly down home cafe with homemade food. It is about the fried chicken, but they have lots of other homemade dishes on their large menu. Even if you can't get in on Sunday after 4pm because of the line out the door...try their food any other time at regular price and it is still a great bargain! Check the review in the guide for the "deal" I am referring to.


Oct 5, 2009

The oldest Inn in America!

Middleburg, VA is the center of fox hunt country and horse country for the state as well as sitting in the richest county (Loudon) in America. It also boasts the oldest Inn in the U.S. Built in 1728 it was originally called Chinn's Ordinary after the owner Joseph Chinn. It was part of the vast estate of Thomas, sixth Lord of Fairfax and Baron of Cameron. This place was visited by George Washington around 1748. He became president in 1789! Later it was called the Beveridge House. The Inn served as a hospital during the civil war. In 1887, the Inn was renamed the Middleburg Inn and in 1937 renamed the The Red Fox Inn. This is a top Inn Nationally with a great restaurant. The dinner we had was all from local farm raised organic beef, lamb and chicken. Excellent wine list and a truly memorable dining experience. I know this is not in Southwest Michigan however, some experiences outside the area are worth sharing! Check out this amazing find at http://www.redfox.com/. If you like horses, mansions, history, vineyards and fine shopping go to Middleburg and The Red Fox Inn.