Jul 29, 2009

Take a drive in the country to this Great Restaurant

This place is really in the "sticks". However, the drive and risk of getting lost is worth it. The River Lake Inn Restaurant and Nature Trails has been around since 1976! We walked the nature trails, saw the hummingbirds, the coi and the butterfly gardens. Then we had a great meal from chef Mark. Check it out!

Jul 22, 2009

New Drive-In added

If you like driving around lakes and the Lake Michigan shoreline during the summer evenings and weekends like I do you may run across some neat places. Check out Eddies Drive-In near Paw Paw lake and Coloma. They make some pretty big claims....then back them up! Great olive burgers and they claim to have the best Ribs on the planet...GUARANTEED! Check the guide for hours and days they serve ribs. Big menu and roller skating carhops. Check it out!

Jul 1, 2009

Looking for some BBQ takeout for this weekend?

Check out some great takeout BBQ to go with your camping, beach or cookouts this weekend! One of my favorites is Hog Wild BBQ in Holland. I also like Ranch House BBQ in South Haven. Good pulled pork at The Walldorf in Hastings and Arcadia Brewery in Battle Creek as well. Nice addition to burgers and dogs! Check them out in the guide.