Nov 22, 2009

Chicago comes to Kalamazoo!

If you like the great sandwich joints in Chicago that serve italian beef, italian sausage and chicago dogs. You have to check out Pops Italian Beef & Sausage at the Campus Point Mall in Kalamazoo. Since 1980 in Chicago. Now with 10 locations including 2 in Indiana and now Kalamazoo. The beef and sausage is cooked and cut right on location. They also have burgers, gyros and chicken sandwiches available. You no longer have to do a "road trip" to get an authentic Chicago style italian beef. However, you could do a late light run since they are open till 3am Thursday-Saturday. More details in the guide.

Nov 15, 2009

New place added in Sumnerville

Since 1835. I am not kidding. This is the oldest business in Michigan. Andrew Jackson was President when the Old Tavern Inn opened in this tiny town. Not only is this a place worth finding because it opened during our 7th President (Lincoln was number 16), they also have very good food. Known for their goulash, fried chicken and burgers. They also have fish, soups and sandwiches. Full bar and menu for the whole family. Check out the guide for more details.

Nov 10, 2009

New place in Manitou Beach near Jackson

How about a log cabin built in 1950 near beautiful devils lake. Lyons Family Dining and Tavern is very nice and features a large stone fireplace. Soups made from scratch, nice choice of fish such as whitefish lightly breaded and deep fried or pan fried perch. Steaks, chops and chicken are all offered along with many appetizers, salads and sandwiches. Known also for their tavern burger and some nice pastas. While this is a place to take the whole family, they do have a nice drink selection including a made in Michigan wine list. Nightly specials such as Thursday burger night or Saturday prime rib. Take a drive along the lake and enjoy this fine out of the way restaurant. Check out the guide for more details.

Nov 5, 2009

New restaurant added in Kalamazoo

This place is a nice addition to the Kalamazoo dining scene. The Mandwee brothers who brought you Tiffany's Wine Shop have opened an authentic middle eastern restaurant they have named Zooroona Restaurant and Lounge. In arabic zooroona means "come visit us". Nice atmosphere with a large menu offering many chicken, beef, fish and lamb dishes. Add a great salad selection, wraps, soups and desserts and you have a winner! Try the turkish coffee or the iraqi cardamon tea. No alcohol. Check out the guide for more details.