Oct 30, 2008

New Kalamazoo Sandwich Place Added to Guide

I have heard about this new sandwich place but just got to it today. It is called B'wiched Deli & Microcatering. Located in a strip mall at Drake and West Main in Kalamazoo. Everyone has been talking about how good these sandwiches are and I was not disappointed! Deli quality meats and their own baked breads which can be purchased by the loaf or half loaf. Homemade sides and chips. Bakery cookies and desserts. Homemade soups and don't miss the eppee rolls. Dinner rolls brushed with olive oil, garlic, herbs and topped with poppy seeds and kosher salt. May be nice for Thanksgiving! I had the pastrami on an onion roll. Very good. My wife had the turkey on dill bread. Both would make us go back.

Oct 27, 2008

New Addition

This place is a nice find right on Gull Lake near the bird sanctuary. Called Frona's Pantry. Great specials with a unique collection of specialty items. They are a bakery, coffee shop and restaurant. Try the dream eggs or the homemade corned beef hash. The bread is great! I had multigrain toast which had dried cranberries in it. Maybe the best peanut butter cookie I have had. The special of the day on my last visit was pumpkin pancakes. The meat is top quality, such as bavarian ham. All the ingredients seem to be top shelf. The atmosphere is very similar to a bed and breakfast. Very homey. It looks like good lunch items as well, however I have not tried lunch yet.

Oct 18, 2008

New addition with International Chef!

What a great dining experience! Saturday International Buffet with a chef from South Africa. Not to mention live music. Did I mention the building is from 1843? Check out the details on the guide. This is reservation only, so call soon. The place is called the Mendon Country Inn. Thanks to Eric V. for this find!

Oct 12, 2008

This is why I started this Guide

I finally went to the Riverview Tavern along the St. Joe river west of Constantine. I had driven by several times during the day and was not sure it was open. I stopped and looked in the windows as well as the hours on the door and made plans to come back. You step back in time in this out of the way place you will never forget. Check out the details in the dining guide and get there before they close for the winter.

Oct 7, 2008

New addition: Beeson Street Bar & Grill - Dowagiac, MI

I tried the Beeson St. Bar & Grill in Dowagiac for lunch and have added it to the dining guide for burgers. Be sure to check the hours as they are limited.

Oct 2, 2008

Terry on Vacation

On vacation last week in Virginia and Pennsylvania. We were treated to a fantastic dinner at a unique restaurant in Upperville, Virginia. My daughter and her boyfriend found the Hunters Head tavern. This home converted to a restaurant was built in the 1750's! Talk about English, this place could just as well be in Cornwall. We all had different meals such as beef stew for me and organic half baked chicken for my wife. They have all the english brews and things like bangers and mash as well as welsh rarebit. If you go anywhere near that area make a point to find this classic great restaurant.
If this gets you thinking English pub, check out the guide for English/Irish places in our southwest Michigan area.