Jul 6, 2015

I read in one of my beer magazines that a bar in Delton was brewing their own beer. I had been past Tujax Tavern many times and thought it was just a small town bar. I decided to check it out for the beer and found a couple of nice brews and a very good restaurant. My beer was a Mud Lake Stout which was very good. It does look and feel like a local bar, but they have a chef and an expanded kitchen which allows them to prepare some pretty impressive stuff. Their burger is fresh ground to their specifications and never frozen. I had a burger and thought it was very good. They make their own bread, pizza crust, salsa and as many other items as they can. The bread is even sold by the loaf from a bread display which can include cookies, croutons and muffins. Next time I want to try the burger with peanut butter and jalapeno jelly. They have daily specials listed on the in house board. They also have a smoker and make great brisket and corned beef. They are well known for burgers, pizza on their house made crust, brisket and their reubens. They have lots of other sandwiches, wraps, salads and appetizers as well. I do want to go back at night and try some chef specials like pan fried walleye or perch. I would also like to try the whitefish Grenoble or one of the pasta dishes. This place was a nice surprise and I can't believe I am just finding it. Nice place and nice people. Check out the guide for more details.