May 2, 2016

Anna's House in Holland opened in 2016. The original of the four locations opened in 2002. This place is large, has a 50's diner feel, great service and above all great food. They have taken breakfast to a new level. Large menu with lots of omelettes, skillets, pancakes etc. They are known for their focus on special diet needs like vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free and chemical free meats. None of that seems to have affected the taste or quality of the food. My wife had the potato pancakes with goat cheese and an applesauce reduction. I had the eggs benedict with large and tasty slices of ham. The cinnamon rolls are great looking and I saw the candied pecan and banana stuffed French toast go by that I will order next time. Fresh squeezed orange juice, other fresh baked items like muffins and some excellent coffee make this place special. They also have house made corned beef hash, turkey bacon and sausage as well as chicken sausage. Don't miss the chicken n' waffles, sweet potato and brussel sprouts hash or the red velvet pancakes. So many choices! Yes, they have lunch. Burgers, paninis, sandwiches and wraps. Also, lots of salads. Decorated with lots of coffee pots and teapots all around along with several large tasteful murals of diner scenes like Mel from Mel's diner t.v. show.

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